Skiplino Virtual Queues for virtual service delivery: Anytime, Anywhere

A virtual queue lets your customers book a virtual ticket and eliminate in-person visits to your location by using the video call option instead. Skiplino Virtual Branches is a powerful way to transform the way you do business and service your customers. Remove the physical waiting rooms and the requirement of face-to-face visits while managing human resources and staffing more efficiently.

Product Features

Personalized Flexibility

Your customers want a personalized experience even when you're not meeting face-to-face. Skiplino lets you offer personalized virtual appointments so your staff and clients can meet at their convenience. By offering a comprehensive app to manage scheduled video calls, Skiplino lets you connect with valued customers in a new way.

Productive. Efficient.

Video conferencing has been used in business communications for more than a decade. Now you can schedule communication between you and your customers at separate locations using video technology. Skiplino is easy to use and lets you save time (and money) by hosting virtual appointments without diminishing the personalized, face-to-face experience.

All Business Sizes

Businesses of all sizes can use virtual appointments for advanced real-time service and collaboration. From small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises, Skiplino video conferencing is feature-rich and user friendly so you get ultimate collaboration and servicing capabilities. All participants can join the virtual appointment from their mobile device or web browser.

Perfect Solution for

Admin app for appointments booking
Admin app for appointments booking

Valuable Insights

The Admin app lets you call tickets, view real-time analytical reports for insights on organization, location, service, and agent performance. Now you can monitor hourly, daily, monthly, or even a custom timeframe's activity.

Customer Booking

Now your customers can book a spot in a queue or book appointments without stepping inside your location with the mobile app. Allowing your customers to book remotely reduces customer wait and service times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage your Business

Now you can configure your account, manage locations, services, schedule messaging and ad content from your desktop. With advanced reporting from real-time dashboards that include actionable data to serve your customers better and improve operational efficiency.

Suggested Accessories

Tablet Stands

Tablet stands for location walk-in customers.


Certified wireless bluetooth printer to print queuing tickets.

Apple TV

Apple TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

TTS not supported