Timely visits to your retail stores!

You can now manage time durations of customers visits and promote Social Distancing in your retail stores during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Skiplino Retail Plan allows you to check-in and check-out customers by scanning their QR code and monitor activity status inside your stores. Customers can book their appointments from the available time slots to visit your stores using the Skiplino Mobile app and receive their QR codes on their personal mobile device.

Product Features

Time matters

Set a time duration limit for the customers visiting your store. A customer can check-in your store using their QR code; a code they will receive when they book an appointment to visit your store via the Skiplino Mobile app. When their time is up, they will receive an app notification so they can check-out on time.

Practice Social Distancing

Reduce the number of people visiting your stores by letting them book remotely from the Skiplino app and maintain the advised social distance between your customers inside your stores.

Monitored activities

From the Admin app, you can monitor the status of your store, know the number of active customers and manage waiting customers. All what you need is an internet connected device and you are set to go.

Perfect Solution for

Valuable Insights

The Admin app lets you call tickets, view real-time analytical reports for insights on organization, location, service, and agent performance. Now you can monitor hourly, daily, monthly, or even a custom timeframe's activity.

Customer Booking

Now your customers can book a spot in a queue or book appointments without stepping inside your location with the mobile app. Allowing your customers to book remotely reduces customer wait and service times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage your Business

Now you can configure your account, manage locations, services, schedule messaging and ad content from your desktop.

Suggested Accessories

Tablet Stands

Tablet stands for location walk-in customers.


Certified wireless bluetooth printer to print queuing tickets.

Apple TV

Apple TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

TTS not supported