Skiplino Queue Management + Appointment Scheduling System

Skiplino's purpose-built queue management software combined with powerful appointment booking features has arrived.

Unnecessary waiting in queuing top the list of reasons why many customers leave banks, travel agencies, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions dissatisfied.

Keep your waiting rooms clear and customers happy while reducing wait times and booking more appointments at your location.

About Skiplino’s Queuing System

Skiplino is a queue management system that allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and speedily.

Skiplino is an intelligent and cloud-based system that can monitor data related to queues in real time, and collect customer feedback. Our cloud based software can then assess this data to speed up the performance of your agents and services.

Key Features

Know who is coming

Skiplino Queue Management System records your imminent customer's and the services they intend to use.

Manage traffic

A cloud-based queue management system allows you to monitor your customer visits at each location.

Welcome walk-in customers

Install the walk-in app on a tablet inside your location. This will allow your walk-in customers to book their tickets and get their ticket number via SMS or email.

Skiplino Queueing Experience

4 Step 4
Skiplino Portal

Get access to smart analytics with real-time monitoring and reporting of staff performance and customer satisfaction.

1B Step 1 - Walk-in
Tablet App

Allow walk-in customers to book tickets and receive them by SMS or Email

2 Step 2
Agent Interface

Agents will be able to call customers and provide them with personalized experiences.

3 Step 3
Display App

Called tickets are displayed on TV screens.

1A Step 1 - Mobile
Skiplino App

Users will be able to book tickets remotely and provide feedback after their service.

Product Features

Management & Tracking

Skiplino is accessible from any internet connected mobile device or computer.

Instant Feedback

From workload analyzing to staffing the most appropriate resources, you're able to make smarter business decisions with real-time metrics and immediate feedback. Skiplino offers a robust customer feedback portal designed for a high response rate so you can identify areas of improvement. Whether you provide a service, or sell a product, when your customer is a part of the conversation, you're able to understand their reactions to the process and whether there's a better way to serve them.

Book Online

Enterprise & Professional level online appointment booking that lets your customers schedule and manage their appointments while reducing no-shows. When an onsite meeting simply isn't required, you and your customer can make, change, and update appointments right from the mobile app.

Perfect Solution for

Eliminate lines

Skiplino's Walk-in app lets walk-in customers book queue tickets and supports SMS notifications in more than 69 languages. It also allows your customers to receive SMS, email notification, or a printed version of their tickets. Localize the Service names, SMS and printed tickets using the Admin portal.

Announce Tickets

Skiplino Display app displays and announces called queue tickets in your customers' language. Your customers get real-time queuing information.

Valuable Insights

The Admin app lets you call tickets, view real-time analytical reports for insights on organization, location, service, and agent performance. Now you can monitor hourly, daily, monthly, or even a custom timeframe's activity.

Timely Feedback

Attach tablet devices to agents' desks to allow your customers to rate the service they've received even before they leave your location.

Customer Booking

Now your customers can book a spot in a queue or book appointments without stepping inside your location with the mobile app. Allowing your customers to book remotely reduces customer wait and service times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage your Business

Now you can configure your account, manage locations, services, schedule messaging and ad content from your desktop. With advanced reporting from real-time dashboards that include actionable data to serve your customers better and improve operational efficiency.

Suggested Accessories

Tablet Stands

Tablet stands for location walk-in customers.


Certified wireless bluetooth printer to print queuing tickets.

Apple TV

Apple TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV to connect to any display and run Skiplino Display App.

TTS not supported