Best way to improve customer experience: Give customers back their time.

What do customers hate the most? Not getting any response or attention from service providers.

While a service provider cant solve all the problems that exists due to so many external factors, It can only try to be perfect in what it does. However, that doesn’t imply a organization would never have a problem in its products or services.

Very few things in the world are impeccable. Customers know that. They don’t expect perfection. They expect value for their money and they expect to be satisfied with the way a service provider treats them. One of the quintessential factors to having satisfied customers is to save time.

We are in 2016 and lets be honest, nobody likes to wait. Waiting in queues or dealing with an unresponsive service provider that doesn’t get back and drags its feet to resolve an issue is the last thing that anyone would endure.

A company has to appreciate the customers’ time and must take every initiative to save time of people who are waiting for a resolution to their problems.

Let us explore how you can improve customer experience by giving back their time:

  • Pick a branch of your business and evaluate the average waiting time of a customer. You must have the data. Assess if the average waiting time is desirable. Is there anything you can do to reduce that time? You can perhaps allocate more staff, instill policies or practices that can save time, you can manage the queues more efficiently or have some technical solution to speed up the whole customer service process. Solutions like Skiplino will help you to eliminate long and painstaking queues, you can resolve the customers’ problems faster and more effectively, you would be able to generate instant feedback from customers and you can manage company resources more efficiently. At the end of the day, you would save time of your customers and they would be satisfied.
  • Most service providers take a long time to respond. Customers grow tired of that elusive phone call, the text or the resolution. Escalation strategies are very poor with most companies and that is because of the systems in place. Some companies are deliberately unresponsive because they don’t have solutions or the resources to solve a problem. If you aren’t in that category, then you need a system in place where you can be alerted of the problems of your customers in real time. Get to know what problem your customers have in real time, know the status and generate feedback, attend to the problems and then find out if the customer is satisfied. You can do all of this and more with Skiplino.

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