A solution to improve your branch’s day-to-day customer experience


Personalize Your Customer Service

Customize the booking process based on your customers’ requirements by allowing them to engage and book for a service once they visit your branch. Want to take it one step further? Make it a personalized experience, through the Call By Name option, voice calling, text calling and many more.


With this feature, you can customize service components and branch names based on location, and personalize your messages in SMS notifications.


Take Extra Care Of Your Customers

With Skiplino, regardless of your location, you can simultaneously monitor the overall performances of your branches in real-time. Which include your agents, ticket journeys, customer feedbacks and many more.

Heatmaps: Understand Customer Movements

Want to know where your customers’ touch points are? Are you considering opening a new branch? With the Heatmaps feature, you will be able to know which locations your users booked their tickets from, and hence build a reliable source of your customer's foot traffic.

Get Instant Feedback

Let your customers tell you how they feel about your brand, so you are up to date to how your agents and branches are doing. You can add a rating option after customers book for a ticket via the Mobile App or as they are walking in. You will also have the ability to not only monitor feedback, but respond to them almost immediately, thus improving customer satisfaction.




Identify Needs Beforehand

Understand your customer’s needs beforehand by engaging with them on a more personalized level. That’s possible by allowing your customers to fill in a form, once they book their tickets via the Skiplino App, and as a result you’ll be better able to cater a more efficient experience.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s never too late to go paperless! With Skiplino, you can drastically reduce the amount of paper used compared to using a traditional queuing system. You will be responsible for saving a lot of trees, thus reducing your business’s overall carbon footprint.

Takes less than 5 minutes to set up

Want to test Skiplino as soon as possible? That’s no problem as it takes less than 5 minutes to set up. All you need to do after signing up, is to create your branches and assign your agents. Then you’re ready for business.

Increase Awareness with Digital Ads

Engage and enhance your customers’ queuing experience with entertaining and real-time informative content, in one or multiple branches. The benefits are numerous!

Extra Features

Pre-booking: Book your tickets
via Skiplino App before the
Branch is even open.

Customize your serving
time for more efficiency.

Allocate agents accordingly to
branches based on demand.

Selective Call from the
waiting tickets list.

Access to customers’ visit
history in order to cater to
them better.

Enhanced Security Using
Two Factor Authentication.