Know how long your customers
have been waiting

The ability to see the length of your customers’ waiting times allows you to take a proactive, empathetic approach. As well as welcoming them warmly, you can make them feel appreciated by acknowledging how long they’ve been queuing for.

Instant feedback

The ability to monitor feedback from customers as it comes in allows you to respond immediately. This reduces the danger of your customers damaging the reputation of your company by posting negative comments on social media or informing their friends about an unsatisfactory experience. With Skiplino, you’ll be able to see which customers are satisfied or unsatisfied and take action to ensure that they are all as happy as possible.

Respond quickly to demand
from your visitors

Skiplino allows your business to instantly see which branches are receiving high demand from visitors. You will then be able to distribute your staff to the branches that need them most and ensure that you maximise the number of customers that you can serve during the day.

Branch management

With Skiplino, it’s possible to monitor activity across all of your branches, regardless of the geographical distances between them and your head office. You will be able to see statistics on the visitor levels at each branch, how able each branch is to deal with customers and any feedback received from these customers.

An environmentally
friendly solution

Large, medium and small businesses all have responsibilities to society and the environment. By installing Skiplino, you dramatically reduce the amount of paper used in comparison with a traditional queuing system. This helps to reduce the number of trees being used and reduces your business’s carbon footprint.


Choose your preferred language for your back-end reporting and monitoring tools.

It takes less than 5 minutes to
get it up and running

It is very easy to set up Skiplino all you need to do is to signup create your branches, assign agents, and it is up and running.

Top-of-the-line queue
management system
free of charge

Manage traffic without hiring more staff

Get things done faster than ever before

Improve overall
productivity at
each branch

Learn about how many visitors
your company’s branches receive
each day, and more valuable
insights & information

Receive customer feedback instantly for analytical purposes

Enjoy many features at
cost-effective rates

Offer your
customers and
staff hassle-free

Increase customer
satisfaction by cutting
waiting times

Make the work of customer
service representatives and
agents more efficient