Know your waiting time

Skiplino can estimate how long you’ll have to wait before being served.

Know the next slot available

There’s no need to guess when your turn will be. The application tells you!

Customer features

Queue remotely prior to arrival

Skiplino helps you to avoid waiting by accessing organisations and estimating how long it will take until it’s your turn using the mobile queuing app.

Universal Queuing App

Unsure about what service to go to abroad? Skiplino can be used anywhere on the planet as your mobile queuing app, so you’ll never have to queue on holiday or while on business again.

Features of queuing app

Geo-location service

Find the closest branch to your location.


Choose your preferred language.

Favourite list

You can favourite your most visited service providers and get in the queue with just a few clicks.

Notify service providers if you're going to be late

With Skiplino you can inform your service provider if you’re going to be late and avoid losing your place in the queue.

Wide range of service providers

You’ll be able to access queue information for a huge selection of service providers around the world.

Save time

The application could save you up to six months of your life. Just think how you could spend the time you free up!

Tracking History

Skiplino queuing app records your visits to service providers, allowing you to know how long it’s been since your last visit.

Video Calling

You'll be able to book video call appointments with providers from our Virtual Locations directory.

Give instant feedback for service providers

You can rate the service received immediately after your turn has ended.