COVID-19: Protect your Business

Keep your customers and employees safe by eliminating the need for customers to touch public surfaces and reducing crowded waiting areas.

Let your customers book a virtual appointment ticket using their mobile phones and allow them to receive notification reminders.

As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of your business remain our top priority

Slowing the Virus

Eliminate crowded waiting areas by letting your customers book their appointments remotely from the Skiplino app.

Preventing Contamination

Because customers use their mobile device to manage their appointments, you're incorporating touchless services that put people in contact with public screens, buttons, and printed papers.

Protection in 5 Minutes

To go touchless and begin safeguarding your business, all you need is an internet connection and 5 minutes. No hardware required.

Product Features

Schedule Appointments

Customers choose the desired location of service and book a time based on the available slots provided.

Manage Virtual Tickets

Once your customer books their appointments, they can update or cancel the virtual queue ticket at any time.

Get Mobile Alerts

Your customers get notifications via the mobile applications reminding them of their appointment on the day they booked for.

Admin app for appointments booking
Admin app for appointments booking

Valuable Insights

The Admin app lets you call tickets, view real-time analytical reports for insights on organization, location, service, and agent performance. Now you can monitor hourly, daily, monthly, or even a custom timeframe's activity.

Appointments booking system
Appointments booking system

Customer Booking

Now your customers can book a spot in a queue or book appointments without stepping inside your location with the mobile app. Allowing your customers to book remotely reduces customer wait and service times while increasing customer satisfaction.

Portal for queue management
Portal for queue management

Manage your Business

Now you can configure your account, manage locations, services, schedule messaging and ad content from your desktop.