Skiplino is the world’s most intelligent cloud-based queue management system. Try Skiplino today with a 14-day FREE trial and check how it can revolutionize your business! No Credit Card required!

Remote Queueing

Mobile app allows your customers to book their tickets remotely.

Branch Management

You can manage, add and edit your branches, services and users easily from the web administrator tool.

SMS and Push Notifications

Whether getting a ticket on the premises or remotely, your customers can now be alerted by SMS, email or via the mobile app when it is their turn.

Real-Time Monitoring

Skiplino advanced reporting tool allows you to monitor the queues in your branches and for each service and evaluate your agents’ performances.

About Skiplino

Skiplino is a free queue management system that allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and speedily.

Skiplino is an intelligent and cloud-based system that can monitor data related to queues in real time, and collect customer feedback. Our cloud based software can then assess this data to speed up the performance of your agents and services.

Key Features

Know who is coming

Skiplino Queue Management System
records your imminent customer's and
the services they intend to use.

Manage traffic

cloud-based queue management analytical
platform allows you to monitor how many visitors are queuing at each branch, along with information about their background and preferences.

Welcome walk-in customers

install Skiplino Provider application on a tablet inside your branch. This will allow your walk-in customers to book their tickets and get their ticket number in an sms or e-mail.

How It Works

4 Step 4
Management Dashboard

Smart analytics with real time monitoring and reporting of staff performance and customer satisfaction

1B Step 1 - Walk-in
Tablet App

Allow walk-in customers to book tickets and receive them by SMS or Email

2 Step 2
Agents Interface

Agents will be able to call customers and provide them with Personalized experience

3 Step 3
TV App

Display called tickets

1A Step 1 - Mobile
Consumer App

Allows users to book tickets remotely and give feedback

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